boy's Training Camp

Our Mission

boy’s Training Camp is an interactive camp designed for those who identify as submissive (i.e. boy/boi/slave/girl, etc.) and provides the opportunity for interaction with experienced faculty as well as other individuals of like mind and varying degrees of experience.

The Camp begins on Friday evening with Registration followed by a group session entitled “What Is a boy…”, which is an opportunity for the participants to discuss their self-identification.  Afterwards there is a reception, with a Keynote speaker.  

Saturday continues with facilitated discussions and demonstrations in Protocol.  This is followed by smaller group break-out sessions on Boot Blacking or Personal Valet Service. After lunch (included), one basic and one advanced break-out session is offered on the topic of Relationships.  This is followed by two more break-outs that cover Leather Care or Table Service.  Attendance at these smaller sessions is decided by the Headmaster using feedback from the participant and their Dominant.  There is another large group discussion on the role of the boy/boi in the 21st century.  The finale and highlight of Saturday evening is the opportunity for the participants to experience some dungeon play in what is known as “Stations of the Cross”.  You can be sure that endorphins are flying after this activity.  

Sunday begins with a brunch followed by a continuation of the Relationship break-out sessions.  There generally is another large group discussion covering topics like, “Putting Sir or Ma’am First While Maintaining your self-identity”, “Respect and Honor”, and “Internalizing the boy/boi role”.  As a wrap-up, the participants have a “boy/boi only” rap session and a Q&A with boys/bois on the faculty. Closing ceremonies include awards and recognition.

Details for bTC 9:

Date:  June 29 - July 1, 2012

Place: Dallas, Texas

Host Hotel: TBD

Registration: Pending

Registration Fee: Pending 

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