boy's Training Camp and Masters Retreat

In 1998 Master Dean Walradt was inspired by Atlanta's Master Doug Harris to create a training class weekend for leather boys with the main focus being to help them build a strong foundation in their journey as a submissive leather boy.

The weekend concept grew and Master Jim of Dallas joined with Dean to produce boy's Training Class 1 held in April 1998. In 1999 the name was changed to boy's Training Camp and continued with 6 taking place including one in Atlanta in 2001.

The Camps have had international attendance with subs attending from England and Canada. At the strong requests from many Dom's Jim and Dean developed the Masters Retreats with the first one held in 1999. The eighth was held in July 2003 and one has been held in Atlanta and one in Chicago.  Masters Retreat 9 was held once again in Dallas in 2006.

The Retreats have also had international participants from Belgium and Canada. In 2002 Master Roy of Houston came on board as Producer of the Masters Retreats and Master Z (Ron Zimmerman) of Dallas came on as Headmaster and Producer of the Camps. Both men have attended every Master's Retreat since MR2 and were mentored by Master Dean Walradt.

To this day, Master Dean remains as the inspiration for both Masters Retreat and boy’s Training Camp. His spirit and devotion to the leather lifestyle remains as just one part of his legacy.

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