International Puppy and Trainer Contest/Conference

This history from Pup Cosmo, IPTC co-producer for 2007 and boy patrick’s leather brother.

International Puppy & Trainer Contest (IPTC) began in Houston as the International Puppy Contest (IPC) in 2001 by founder, patrick chees, aka nipper. It was his vision that there would be an event that would help get people together who are into the pup headspace. 

The first IPC took place in Houston in 2001 and Alpha Pup Ray was named the International Puppy 2001.

In 2002, Pup Tim took International Puppy '02 with his sexy look and outstanding style. His trainer, Master Skip, and he had their every move well executed. Master Skip's handling of his pup showed that trainers should be recognized as well.  patrick knew that the course of this contest had changed: the contest from this point on, would be the International Puppy & Trainer Contest. 

In 2003, IPTC moved to Dallas with Sean-Michael as International Trainer '03 and patch as International Pup '03.  In 2004, Mistress Simone became Int'l Trainer '04 and pup fifi took Int'l Puppy '04.  By the end of the year, patrick had passed away leaving the fate of IPTC unknown. 

Master Roy, patrick's Sir, and the Texas Leather Tribe (TLT) family have continued patrick's dream as owners of IPTC.   Pup boner of Galveston  produced IPTC ‘05. Master Gary made Int'l Trainer '05 and pup kelly was named Int'l Puppy '05.  The TLT family has sought to continue patrick's legacy by evolving the IPTC from a contest into a conference and gained support from the Beyond Vanilla committee to bring back IPTC for 2006. 

Now, held in conjunction with NLA-Dallas' Beyond Vanilla annually, IPTC has a secure place to help others with education, connections and enjoyment of the pup experience.  It has a place to become what the community wants it to be. It can continue to serve the community as well as evolve to the community's needs.

NOTE:  in 2010 International Puppy and Trainer Conference was retired. Please see the letter from the Producers/Owners.  Thank you to all who supported our event in the past and those wonderful volunteers who made it happen.

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